Problem Solving Docker Swarm Error Response

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Docker is a computer program that performs operating system level virtualization. It was first released in 2013 and developed by Docker, Inc.

if you run (dockcer swarm init --advertise-addr <ip docker-machine>) and you get response :
Error response from daemon: must specify a listening address because the address to advertise is not recognized as a system address, and a system's IP address to use could not be uniquely identified

-problem solution fot it, you need add (--listen-addr <your-ip:port-docker-machine>)

-before action, you need show ip and port docker machine (docker-machine ls)

- next step, run this command : docker swarm init --advertise-addr <ip docker-machine> --listen-add <ip-host>:<port docker-machine>
example : docker swarm init --advertise-addr --listen-addr

try your configuration :

docker-machine ssh myvm1

docker machine

next step, make myvm1 as swarm manager

docker-machine ssh myvm1 "docker swarm init --advertise-addr"

if success :

docker swarm error

next step, add a worker to the swarm :

docker-machine ssh myvm2 "docker swarm join --token SWMTKN-1-1tx4wpajdfknuje14jgygaf5b94do6dka8yjrniij89p31zjid-7m52i6qk66ofgnu1tdst5bty2"

for show your configuration. Run on the manager to view the nodes in this swarm :

docker-machine ssh myvm1 "docker node ls"

and result like this :

docker swarm solving

congrats you has success create swarm manager

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